Pageok when trying to access by IP my GoDaddy hosted website

Pageok when trying to access by IP my GoDaddy hosted website

So I even have 2 completely different domains, each along with his various GoDaddy economic hosting. What i am attempting to try to to is to form a subdomain in Hosting-1 that redirects to Hosting-2 main web site.

For this i attempted the Zone File Editor that lets American state produce associate A airt employing a subdomain in Hosting-1 that points to the information science address of Hosting-2 server.

The problem is that despite I daily use these redirects (the ones that square measure already created by default like @ inform to the server's information science, computer network inform to @, etc) after I try and access any of my 2 servers by the information science address all what i purchase may be a "pageok" blank page.

So clearly my A airt in Hosting-1 sends American state to identical a "pageok" website i purchase once attempting to access Hosting-2 by information science address rather than domain.

So why mistreatment my server information science address within the brwoser sends American state to a "pageok" page once all the default A redirects within the Zone File use identical information science addresses?

Thanks for any facilitate and that i hope I explained myself well.

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